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Volvo Genuine Painted Parts Program

Outsource work, not profits. In the trucking industry, major body and paint work ties up time, trucks and shop space, and can be about as productive and cost-effective as well.

Summer Is Coming: Learn More About HVAC Systems

Regular maintenance of a truck’s engine and tires is a simple way to boost fuel economy. Properly maintaining and using a vehicle’s HVAC system also can have a positive effect on fuel consumption.

Protect Your Engine From Overheating

Ignored for long, a small radiator leak can leave you stranded with an overheated engine. Overheating is not just an annoyance; it can damage an engine’s head gasket, thermostat and sensors.

Better Oil Needs A Stronger Filter

Drivers are going further than ever with Volvo’s newest engine oil, Volvo VDS-4.5 Premium Engine Oil. But those longer change intervals put greater demands on engine filters, which must have the durability and capacity to last up to 60,000 miles.

Keep Your Cool With Road Choice Coolants

Coolant comes in a rainbow of colors, and each one provides different protection for the vehicles in your fleet. While conventional green coolant is probably the easiest to find, it was designed for your car – not your truck.

Cover the Miles in Comfort

Air springs and shock absorbers work together to cushion your driver’s equipment and cargo from damaging vibrations.

New ASIST Enhancements

Volvo Trucks is pleased to announce that the following enhancements have been made to ASIST v7.39.0:

Tips From a CSA Inspector – Lighting

Broken lights are among the most visible of all Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) violations.

Certified Uptime Centers Increase Service Efficiency, Improve Uptime

Within the next few months, we will officially launch the Certified Uptime Center concept across the dealer network.